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Graphic Designer turned Web Developer/Programmer ... I can do just about anything - from designing vector logos, to print material to hand coding responsive MVC dynamic websites! I've developed a 960 grid called Tropical 960 Grid. The Tropical 960 Grid has over 25,000 lines of code, responsive, dynamic and is ie7 and ie8 compatible. Recently I've developed a Content Management System (CMS) which is available for download as well! Visit Tropical CMS to view or download. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I'm also a single father raising the loves of my life - which I am teaching graphics and code to as well!

Web Design & Development

Dance Dynasty Temp
Star City Concrete Temp
Tracker Temp
Krav Maga Temp
C&C Ultimate Temp
Survive Florida Temp
Tinker Tots Temp
Harts Electrical Temp

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